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Warning Brag Post! AA vs Drunk Fish and Tilted Circuit Winner

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited April 2017 in Beats, Brags, and Variance
The below hand I feel is probably one of the best played hands I have ever had in poker... if not THE BEST hand I have ever played..

So a little backstory

So far this month I am breaking even.. Having some large losing weeks and then large winning weeks. A number of suckouts against me in a row.. including this session on one of my very first hands leading me to lose 700 when I flopped a set and villain with front door flush draw got there with his backdoor straight draw..

A player who is wearing his circuit ring is at the table and was driving the action for a while and was winning until a new uber whale came and won a huge pot against the circuit player for a 3000+ pot.. Circuit player lost half his stack in that hand flopping a flush and paying off uber whale when the board paired and whale filled up.. He is on weird tilt where he is now playing rather weak tight..

one of the short tables break and we get an action older man who is kinda a calling station pre.. when he comes over another former hustler regs table changes and is drunk.. Drunk fish three or four hands earlier opened for 25 on the button.. older guy calls.. I look at AA inn the bb and raise to 75.. utg limper calls and back on drunk fish and he now goes all in for 250.. Older guy talks and calls.. I 4 bet to 700 utg folds and back to older guy ..he folds.. I lose on A J 9 7 3 board when drunk fish shows T8 os.. A couple of hands later circuit winner loses about 200 of his last 400-600 on a hand to the drunk fish and is now pretty short..when this hand comes up..

I can see now that circuit winner I think has 300 left.. drunk fish is now utg and raises to 30.. old man fish calls and I see AA again!!.. I feel pretty strongly that the last hand tipped the scales for the circuit winner and he is itching now to get his stack in especially since drunk fish has raised every hand since coming to the table..

drunk fish has about $1500- utg
older guy has over $1500- utg1
I have about $1400- utg2
Circuit winner $450-sb

So i decided to just flat the AA and want to backraise to iso the drunk fish and the circuit player.. so after I call three others also call and as if I wrote the story myself..circuit player raises to $130.. bb folds and back on drunk fish and he calls.. old guy thinks about calling but folds.. I raise to 450.. folds back to circuit winner and he goes all in. I thought it would be for 300 ish but he had another 100 chip I didn't see.. but that doesn't matter.. drunk fish calls and we goto flop and drunk fish says "no paint"

Flop Q J 3 rainbow.. fish checks I bet 500 with about 400 left.. fish insta calls so i feel super comfy with my hand..

Turn 5 .. fish checks i go all in fish fumbles but calls.

River 2.. I turn over AA fish says he had TT and circuit winner mucks in disgust and I win the biggest pot in over a week! Man its just so so nice to play a hand so well and have it turn out so well.


Thanked by 1neverlearn2


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