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Episode 8 Macao II

Like I say in the episode the file was shorter than normal due to the internet restrictions in China. I will produce an extra long episode next week.



  • ChipChairmanChipChairman Posts: 41Subscriber
    Glad you had fun on your "vacation"; looking forward to the log podcast next week.
  • drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
    I really liked the insight on the ATs hand. At first glance you would never think anyone would put that much of their stack in and still fold but it makes perfect sense. Now to figure out if the particular player pool at our respetive tables are good enough to do this so we can put them on a draw...... I really enjoyed this shortened podcast and all the episodes but does anyone else find themselves asking this same question, "Does this apply to my opponents and , do they think on any level such as this?" I do assume that the pro calls off on a river ten or Ace BTW along with the flush. Anyone else agree?
  • I'm not sure if he calls if an A or T come. Remember it would be very uncommon for his opponent to have a two pair hand that he turns into a bluff on the river after he gets counterfeit. I can see maybe calling if an Ace comes but that is just because the business guy might be more confident to continue bluffing on that card because he might think that the pro would shove back the turn with an ace. As you can see here on a total brick no bluff. Trip aces still a bluff catcher.

  • grindblergrindbler Posts: 131Member
    I for one, am in the quality over quantity crowd regarding the length of the podcast.
    don't sweat it, bart...
    keep up the quality, and the good work...
  • shmedshmed Posts: 321Subscriber
    Just saw Skyfall and was chuckling at your comment about Macao looking nothing like that. Are you telling me that you can't boat over to a swank casino filled with hot women in evening gowns, sitting over a pit of man-eating lizards? I was ready to book my ticket :)
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