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2/5 Mid Pair + FD Multiway

Hero has had a winning image so far. Frequently play with the two main villains in the hand. UTG+1 Villain is somewhat LAG, can put pressure on. CO is a solid player, leans a bit closer to LAG then TAG but somewhere in the middle. He can pull off moves sometimes.

We are roughly $700 effective.

UTG+1 raises to $20 preflop. I flat 9 8 in MP. Any case for 3betting? CO villain to my left flats as well as SB.

Flop ($85): Q 7 9
SB checks, UTG+1 bets $40. This is a suspiciously small cbet from him. But I feel like he has something betting into both of us and SB. Any merits to a raise here? I've been experimenting with playing draws, especially draws like this, slower IP and faster OOP. I flat, CO flats, SB folds.

Turn ($205): 2 :s:
UTG+1 checks. I check (???). CO bets $195. UTG+1 folds. We have $620 behind. What is our move?


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    PREFLOP You are calling in MP with 98s vs an UTG+1 raise in MP with a tough opponent in position vs you is your worst option. Raising is the 2nd best option to get it heads up. Folding is the best option. He might be a little loose on the raising but if he has a brain even he realizes there is a tough opponent in the CO so his range should be tight.

    FLOP As played: I would have raised the flop. You might push out a hand like KQ or QJs from the CO. This works well because the Q is the club and he can't have your FD. It also pushes out if he has a hand like A J . If CO just calls your raise now it leans on that his hand is capped at TP or a combo draw possibly.

    TURN As played: When you checked I don't think you can XRAI as your play so far doesn't make sense with a big hand and you will get picked off. Only hand he might fold is another FD which at this point you don't want because you are ahead with a pair. Check calling is also difficult because are you really XC'ing with anything but a flush draw or TPMK?? Would you XC with a SD? So your bluffing power is reduced.

    So much of his range has you beat. He has not that many FDs in his range here since you hold 2 flush cards so that leaves many pair hands and a couple double draws which would have to call a XRAI.
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