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Crush Live Tournaments Video No. 38: "Tournament hands played by amateurs"

Jonathan Little reviews hands played by amateurs that illustrate mistakes you should strive to avoid. He also discusses how to play a balanced strategy when you are unsure of how to adjust to your specific opponents.


Episode posts at 2:00PM ET.


  • pandabirdpandabird Posts: 48Subscriber
    Hand 1: When we are choosing our overpairs to call with on the river, shouldn't we choose JJ or QQ since that blocks straights our opponent can have? JJ is the same as AA in this spot since our opponent should never have an overpair here, so I would rather have blockers at least. Tell me where my thinking is flawed! :)
  • JonathanLittleJonathanLittle Posts: 19Pro
    Panda, I generally agree that having blockers to the nuts is relevant when calling down. While I did not think he could have the various overpairs, I tend to assume that my range analysis is not spot on as I have no real way of knowing how players are playing, so he may have QQ or JJ and be value betting.
  • pandabirdpandabird Posts: 48Subscriber
    Fair enough. Thanks for the response. Love your videos, keep em coming
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