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Too deep to call bottom set?

FredFred Posts: 137Subscriber
Deep stack 350 bb deep £1-£2

V loose aggressive, tricky, have seen make big bluffs before, hero image tight aggressive, have shown v a bluff a few hands earlier against v.

V raises mp 8 hero otb 77 calls bb calls

Flop £25 AK7r v bets £11 hero raises to £35 v calls

turn £95 2 brings in no bdfd hero bets £55 v check raises to £125 hero calls

River £345 8 v shoves hero? £665 to call, were beating AK and a bluff


  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    Don't raise that flop. You don't have enough strong hands to raise that flop. He has a lot more strong hands than you.

    It's even worse for us because there aren't many strong draws on that board. So with a raise we are saying we have 77 or a gutshot.
    Too many gutshot draws compared to 77 or a7s.

    He can play back against that range quite well.

    Fold the river. I would have just call call call or call call raise fold on the river.

    Thanked by 2Fred stayinschool
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    #1 he isn't bluffing now.
    #2 he can have AK or A7 which out numbers the sets. He can easily XR the turn with AK
    #3 he raised from MP not EP which expands his range
    #4 you raised the flop with a set. Something bad players don't do. They slowplay it to the turn. So in his eyes your raise looks like AQ. You gotta remember players either become very passive vs this kind of players are very aggressive with TP hands. They don't generally understand that just calling with good or better hands is the better play.

    I am not folding a set here. If you raised the turn and got 3b then I would be concerned.

    Way likely
    AK (9 combos)
    AA+KK (6 combos)

    A7s (1 combo)
    A7o (3 combos)

    Now I do agree with just calling down.
  • AcidhaussAcidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Based on my experience with UK cash games I would fold river based on this line.

    I like the flop raise fwiw

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