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Raising a lot then....

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
Assume 2/5 assume 100bb stacks... we assume no passive stations behind but more aware players who might be aggressive.

Let's say you have been raising hand after hand preflop about 3-4 times in a row and getting folds preflop or on the flop. Now you get a hand like AJ that you should raise in the position you are in. But the players behind you are getting sick of your raising. Personally I find after I raise 2-3x in a row I get played back at by 3bs, floating, slowplaying big hands etc.

How does this affect how you play your AJ? Your opponents now have position and will play aggressive and unpredictable


  • TomSeaTomSea Posts: 11Member
    This exact situation happened to me yesterday! I had raised 3 in a row with AK, KK, AQ and I was fairly certain I was going to be played back at when I opened AJo. Is mucking this hand ever a good idea? As it turned out, I did open muck it because my spider sense told me that the guy to my left had a big hand, but the fact that I was so recently active played a role. I think in this situation, AJo goes down in value because the table will incorrectly assume you are playing a wide range in this spot and be more likely to put you in tough spots on many flops. If you are card dead, widen your range because people will give you more credit for a hand. Is there an opposite principle - if you are card live, tighten your range because people will not give you more credit for a hand?
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