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Bet call or bet shove a rivered boat? (2/4$)?

the5thacethe5thace Posts: 19Subscriber
edited January 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain is unknown. He sat down at the table about an hour ago and I haven't seen him get involved in many hands. He is not sporting a grinder outfit and has an average recreational player look. He also bought in for a modest stack at around 125BB where as the average is well over 200BB.

Effective stacks with Villain 470


Villain limps UTG+1.
Two other limpers follow.
Hero in SB completes with 8 8 :s:

A 7 5

Action checks around


Hero bets 10$

Perhaps slightly optimistic? I was expecting calls from 7's, flush draws and straight draws to get value.

Villain calls 10$
Folds around




Hero bets 40
Villain raises to 110

Our move?

My thoughts are that our opponent could have made a flush and is going for thin value or could have a A9+. I discounted the chances of him having a bigger full house since he did not bet the flop nor did he raise the turn.

On the other hand since he is probably a recreational player maybe we cannot apply this logic? Maybe because he is recreational he could turn up with a weirdly played A5 or A7?

Thanks for looking.


  • the5thacethe5thace Posts: 19Subscriber
    Edited, turn was A
  • qbert80qbert80 Posts: 52Subscriber
    On river, I'm raising the most amount that you think he'll call. Can't be scared of A,5 or A,7 rivering a boat, particularly since flop & turn action. Most weak recs who limp A,5 or A7 and flop two pair are going to either a) bet flop or b) raise your $10 bet. So your discounting bigger boats is very reasonable.

    So yeah, pump it up on the river. He's got $375 behind, so I wouldn't shove and risk him making a hero fold. I'd prob make it $300 total - $190 more to him. A flush never folds, and you may get paid off from an ace.
    Thanked by 1the5thace
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