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Should I have Bet-Folded?

I've saved at least $1,000 over the last week thanks to bet-folding. Once it was with pockets kings and the other time with pocket aces.

However, in this scenario, it wasn't as clear to me. Should it have been? Here's the story.

This happened at Hollywood Park. I've been playing there a lot lately, and when the games are good, I think they're softer than Commerce. Sometimes it's slim pickings, whereas there's always a game at Commerce.

The Villain in this story happened to be a guy I was studying and taking notes on. I had zero playable hands for a looooooong time. Villain seemed to be the only one who noticed. He was sitting next to me and when I finally raised with AK and got five callers, he made a comment on how tight I was. About 30 minutes later, the hand below takes place, where I'm once again deal AK.

Here's what I know about Villain - Older, white Jewish guy, about 55 years old, loose player, plays any two suited, goes for thin value if he connects with any part of the flop, even second or third pair, standard raise is $35 but will add more based on limpers, will raise to $45 if he has a hand he considers good (I saw this with QKos), semi-bluffs his flush draws. Even though he's loose, he seems to play well post-flop, and he's sitting about $2,500 deep.

I've never been so card dead in my life as I was in this session. My image is not good at this point. At best, I'm seen as a losing nit in this session.

Villain is UTG and straddles
I'm first with about $350

I look down and see AK and raise to $40
V calls
Flop is AQQ
I bet $40
V Calls
Turn is a brick
I bet $100
V goes all-in
Hero ?

In this session, I was extremely card dead, and when I did get something, I would have to (correctly) bet-fold. Since I was against a thinking player, I felt like he might try to run over me because he was definitely paying attention. Also, I did seem him run several bad bluffs.
I called and the river was a brick. V had a Queen



  • BlackBoxEquityBlackBoxEquity Posts: 165Subscriber
    Don't like the flop sizing (same size as your open). I would aim for 55-60.

    On the turn you have 170 left. If I am not mistaken, the pot is like 530. 530:170 = 3.1:1 = 1/4.1; you need to be good 24.3% of the time. I think it's a pretty easy call. Unfortunately, you just don't have enough depth to give yourself an escape hatch by bet-folding in this spot (in my opinion).

    Now looking at actual equities:
    He has a lot of Queens in his range: AQ, QQ, KQ, QJ, QT, Q9s; giving him all of these to be extreme even though he probably 3-bets some so it should be reduced. If we just add AJ and AT that he could be spazzing off with (no AA or AK in his range), you are 37% --> CALL
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • ZachWaldmanZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    Add in that he straddled and his range becomes really wide. Thank you!
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    As played, I pay off just because you are so short stacked. It's one of those situations where most of the time you loose, but you win often enough to call. Depending on the suit distribution, it might even increase the call rate esp if he could have some sort of Ace plus flush draw.

    With how short you are, a line I might prefer at times is to bet flop then check back the turn and get it in on the river. This helps to disguise your hand a little more to prevent him from hero folding an Ace if you think he might. Also, it keeps hands like pocket pairs in sometimes and his bluffs in.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    plays any two suited
    what does this mean, exactly?
  • Letmewin1Letmewin1 Posts: 1,244Member
    Betting flop is pretty standard.
    What worse hand do you think call you down for two more streets?

    Fold turn.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I think I just go into check/call check/fold mode OTT. Obviously preffering check check and maybe calling a tiny bet. I want to see the river but even with small stack IDK how we can GII and expect to be good here. As played fold turn. If he has worse he's just calling you down. Q gets it in.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    edited January 2017
    I like betting flop and turn for value. If you get check rAsied on the turn idk if you can fold. Most of your stack is in the middle. Given stack size maybe check behind on the turn and bet river for value? Or call off and hope you're good.
    In spoiler what were both of his cards? It helps.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • ZachWaldmanZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    I don't remember what his other card was.

    Also, when I said any two suited, I mean he will call raises with any two suited cards.

    Thank you as always for the feedback. It sounds like an easy bet-fold despite my read.
  • ddzddz Posts: 152Subscriber, Professional
    Instead of thinking about bet folding, think more globally. Think about what worse hands can call you on this flop. Is there a flush draw? No flush draw means this is a super dry board- just some Broadway gutshots. Weak aces can call, but will they call three streets? What would villain do with his air if u check the flop. What if u check flop and bet turn and river?
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Also, when I said any two suited, I mean he will call raises with any two suited cards.
    so why only raise to $40 if he is defending his straddle so lightly?
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
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