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99 flopped OPE Vs OMC

OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 272Subscriber, Professional
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand 2 (18/12/16)

I'm a bit more than a part time player and my winnings help fund my life. I currently float between 7-8bb/hr and I want to get up to 10bb/hr next year. So I have some work to do and want CLP support.

Tonight was a $5/$5 game $200-$700.
I haven't had a over a $2k loss since 11/11/16. But it's like every month I have at least one big lose. Tonight I lost $2.3k and I need advice on these hands. I wasn't tilted and playing crappy hands after I lost a big pot. I think I had a different type of tilt where if had a decent enough hand I just wanted to get it and get some back and get some momentum.

I'm playing what looks agressive and building that image. Opening and 3beting more than normal, but my pre flop hand distributions are making this happen.
I've shown one bluff for a $50 bet in a small pot.

V old bloke I've played heaps with and he always gets me. $750 effective.

Hero 99 opens $25 after a couple of limpers in mid position.
V 3bets button $60
Hero calls $60

Pot $140

7 8 10 :r:

H checks. I did think about check raising all in when the v bets. But I know he is never folding an over pair to me.
V bets $120
H calls $120

Turn 4
H checks
V bets $240
H calls $240

River deuce

River goes check check

V had a hand I thought KK

Thoughts on the flop and turn play of the hero?


  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    You can fold whenever you want in this hand, except flop. Given typical villains in 5/5 you can fold pre andnot feel bad. Flop is a call because of straight draw and the likelihood that you're the only one wit one because of blockers. But because of sizing it's not great and if you hit it you're likely not getting paid. Turn can be a fold. You pretty much know what he has, no shame in folding.
    BTW I've shown one bluff in the past 2 months and I play 6 days a week. It was in a tournament against a guy who kept 3betting and wanted to make a statement that he needs to slow his shit down or I'd bluff him off pots (I like people to keep play in line because I'm typically better at hand reading). Point being showing a bluff often doesn't serve a purpose other than making yourself feel good and often results in you tilting yourself. Only show a bluff if you really have a good reason.
  • BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
    I would consider limping along with this hand preflop. Depends on table dynamics but if the table is routinely seeing multiway flops I think 99 is easier to play as a limp along from mp. I would open this hand for sure but after a couple limps I'm limping along as well.

    The problem with this hand post flop is when you make a strong hand it puts a one liner on the board. I think you should call the flop.... villain could be c betting with AK or AQ. Turn is getting more marginal. If you think villain will call off big bets with an over pair than its prob fine. But will you really get villains stack if you make your straight or set??
  • ohsnapzbrahohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    I thknk preflop is a mandatory call. Don't think we should fold to such a small 3bet and effective stack sizes the way they are.

    Flop....if we knew we were calling a large turn bet, then we should check raise flop and jam turns. This flop against a 3bet call isn't pleasant. We also have no implied odds should we hit. With the check raise jam, we should be getting just enough folds for it to be +EV.

    Turn is a simple check fold. We have no stack depth left to win. A rec player will convince himself with an overpair that he is committed. So we have no fold equity if we xr jam. If we want the bluff here on the turn, we want a hand like 98 or T9 where we have those 3 additional outs.
  • 2thdoctor2thdoctor Posts: 66Subscriber
    I think you've gotten good responses, can I ask a follow up to the initial question?

    If you're Villian are YOU betting the river here for thin value? If no, why not? If yes, how much?

  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 272Subscriber, Professional
    Jacklamb I was called that was the only reason I showed a bluff as I never show them. I would normally just muck and not show as I knew I couldn't win. But other than that hand I wasn't really getting out of line. Defiantly tighten up more if I get caught.

    2thdoctor I'm defiantly putting the remaining of my stack in on the river and getting max value.
  • WVKing304WVKing304 Posts: 36Subscriber
    I agree w/ Jack here. Your preflop raise is fine (not a limp, ever). And your call of the 3B is fine. Don't feel great about it. You flop the next best thing to a set. If you think you have any fold equity, I think a check raise is fine here because you have fold equity & you have 10 outs to any over pair (unless it's JJ). The flop hits your range more than it hits his. It's not the best flop for an overpair. But since you have losing image I agree that villain is never folding an overpair to you here. Otherwise vs players who are capable of making folds I think check raising flop to 280ish & jamming turn is fine. You're a little less than 3:2 dog on flop.

    With that said, the turn is definitely a fold. You're never getting paid if you hit. Any 6, J, or 9 makes a one liner to a straight and villain just simply isn't going to pay you off often enough to make calling $240 worth it. I would almost prefer shoving over calling here. But I think a fold is the right play on the turn for sure. His hand is pretty much face up. Never betting $240 w/ worse. I know once you get stuck it's hard to not be "sticky" but you can save $240 bucks here by folding. Stay sharp.

    P.S. Insinuate a stop loss amount so you avoid this big losses. If you lose 3 BI's, leave. It's not your not. This will help you avoid getting in the game for so much. Sometimes u just have to cut losses and call it a night. Trust me, this is coming from someone who recently went broke. I'm a helluva player. Just sadly have no BR management & my losses are huge, too. I'm gonna have to learn hard way. From 20K to felted in 4 months. A lot of it thanks to Omaha (playing 5/10 PLO, variance). Trust me it sucks. I have no outlet now and am gonna have to get shitty job to get back into the game.

    Thanks for positing.
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