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Interesting 1-2 river spot with set vs presumed good reg

Hero has lag image has been involved in alot of hands but has won almost all hands that went to showdown and should be perceived as tag as it was mostly due to getting dealt premiums at a higher frequency than normal. Hero covers table and has winning image at table.

Villain: Hero hasnt played much with villain but has seen him in this cardroom several times and can fairly assume he is a reg.

Preflop utg raises to 10 hero calls bttn 3c3s bb(villain) calls
All players 200bbs effective and hero covers table

Flop Pot (31) Qs6s3d
checks to hero on button who bets 25 only bb villain calls

Turn Pot(81) Jh
Villain checks hero bets 75 and villain calls

River (231) Kd
Villain donks 100 with about 200 behind

Hero call? Shove?
Reasoning during hand. Villain has kq,qj,910ss,a10ss in his range but here is where it gets interesting. If villlain is good reg like hero presumes villain is bet folding his two pair combos here and only bet calling 910ss and a10ss. yes its only two combos we lose to, but are we ever getting a reg to bet call that river for stack with two pair?


  • ReklassReklass Posts: 11Subscriber
    Player dependent. If you think he is good enough to fold 2 pair then this should just be a call. He's bet 100 into 230 so you're getting pot odds. He could also have AK spades. I think your good a fair bit of the time. I would call
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