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5/5 line check and river decision .

Jfalcon1108Jfalcon1108 Posts: 23Subscriber
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hand takes place at the daytona beach kennel club and hero is effective stack of 1400... tight careful small winner opens to 25 under the gun we flat 55 OTB , small blind and villain in hand flats in sb , tilted fish in big blind call we take it 4 ways. 1095r and it's checked to PFR who continues for 80 and we for a variety of pretty standard reasons call. The small blind then makes a small check raise to 200. The BB and pfr quickly fold and it's back to me and I again elect to keep him wide and call. A bit of background on villain , he had coolered me the first orbit of the session KK<AA and I elected to flat a cold 4 650 eff and call off on 10 high DD flop. He immedietely asked me if I had 3 tens , seemingly horrified . I also bet JJ twice for value in KK23r in his sb and he turn check raised me and showed KQ after I folded


  • Jfalcon1108Jfalcon1108 Posts: 23Subscriber
    Continued hand ... turn is 3x completely rainbow . He now continues for 350 into 580 I call with 800 back as I can still get all the money in on river . River 6x 10536r and now he checks . Check back , bet 350 and fold , or shove . Tyty
  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    I definitely think you could use some work on the layout of your post. It's a little hard to read.

    I'm not sure if your flop call is "standard". The flop is T95. There are many hands that can hit this flop. There are a lot of combinations of over cards plus straight draws (KQ, QJ, KJ), T9 for two pair, and 78 for a straight draw. You're in position and if you raise, you very well could have top pair or a straight draw. I am going to be raising this flop often.

    As played, the pot is about 1300 and you have 800 behind. I'm probably going to bet fold around 400ish. You really should never get raised by worse than your holding.
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