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2/5 flopped trips - interesting runout

ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
Borgata 2/5 (500 cap)
Fri night ..~4am

HERO looks like tourist, mid 30s white guy, comes from broken with a huge stack of ~1500...made to chip down to biggest stack which is like 1200...
Villain is ~30s some mid eastern decent, not sure... pretty much complete unknown.

HERO from ep with 8 9 to 25 get 3 callers
Flop (100) K88r - HERO bets 50, only Villain in like MP calls (2 behind him fold)
Turn (200) K - x, x
River (200): 7x - HERO bets 90, Villain raises to 200...HERO?


  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    I think I prefer a check on the river. The flop is rainbow. It's hard to get worse to call in this spot. Worse hands may bet if checked to. As played, in my games, this is a puke fold. You're getting almost 4 to 1 on your call here but I don't think a pocket pair over a 7 or an A high would be trying to turn their hand into a bluff especially with this sizing.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    PBJTIME wrote: »
    I think I prefer a check on the river. The flop is rainbow. It's hard to get worse to call in this spot. Worse hands may bet if checked to.

    That's the reason I checked turn, but check river again after checking turn? I can't see anything betting, A high might call, PP might call too thinking I'm FOS, no?
  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    It depends on your villain's tendencies. JJ+ seems unlikely given the preflop action. You block 99. So that leaves TT or discounted 99, JJ. Also, in a 4-way pot, is the villain calling your bet on this flop with 99-JJ with two players left to act behind him? If he was last to act and the 2 in between folded, 99-JJ would be more likely. There are many more K in his range. To make a thin value bet you need to be called AND be good 50% of the time. It's close but I think I lean towards a check.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think in this game, "this kind of player" calls with ANY pair regardless of how many ppl behind (not sure he understand the diff.)...also I would expect big Ace (maybe even not so big aces, to float at least some % of the time on this flop.

    Again, Borgata 2/5 500 cap is not my regular gm, so I'm not too sure, but that's the impression I get...
  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    If you think villain will be calling that wide then by all means go ahead and value bet on the river. Do we agree that the river is a bet/fold?
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    PBJTIME wrote: »
    Do we agree that the river is a bet/fold?
    I think so...wondering what others think....

  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    I folded....V didn't show...
  • bleedtiltbleedtilt Posts: 126Subscriber
    edited December 2016
    Call. Your hand is so face up for not being a K and being some type of hand that is going for super thin value.

    Also, what Kx can he have in his range? KJ? KQ? KT (Maybe?). He has more Pocket Pairs and random Ax float hands.
  • AcidhaussAcidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Despite the incredible odds, from my experience with the way these type of villains play on these type of boards you're never good here.
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    If I was the villain, your hand would look like a K to me all the time. No way I'm raising if I don't have at least a K. If you thought you could get super thin value, bet like $10 on the river.
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