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Lines for 2-5 hand, flopped quads

Long time fan, first post. 2 2 :s: on button, mp raise 20 (200) I call (750) sb reraise 60 (800) mp calls, I call to set mine. Flop 2 2 5 . Sb leads 115. Friend I trust insists I should min-raise here - I opt to call keeping 100% of his range in play for turn. With 400 pot, can get the rest in on 2 streets. Anyone else thinks min-raise here is viable?


  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I would probably save that for if I'm deeper. As you said you can still GII by the river. At the same time a lot of turns can kill the action. SB almost has to have a big pair and may not be folding no matter what so I think you can go either way. I think I just call hope for a blank turn SB will GII on. Really depends on history with SB and how big is his fold button! I take it everyone else folded?
  • TomSeaTomSea Posts: 11Member
    mp folded; was heads-up when I call the flop. Based on the history, I didn't think SB was 3-betting light and was strongly AK AQs, JJ+ pre, with few bluffs. I probably could have min-raised the flop which would also make sense for 77-1010, and he might have re-raised all-in right there. The rest of the hand was Q turn, sb bets 175, I call; river A, sb bets 200, I raise to 375 all-in which was called after 30 seconds or so. I never saw the hand; if I had to guess, it was AK or KK (I strongly think AA would have been shown to me.) I really wanted to give AK a chance to catch up or bluff the turn which is why I didn't raise the flop. Could have been KK which also would have felt I couldn't have an A (unless A2 or A5) and reluctantly called the last 175 to see if I caught the river.
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