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Hero is UTG with $500, made it $25 with AQ and got four callers,
($118) J j 10
Checked around
Turn is 7 :s:
SB Bets $95

I think this is an easy fold because:

1. Even if I spike a King, my straight may already be dead to a boat
2. If the four outs to a straight are good, the pot odds are 2 to 1 and I'm a 11 to 1 dog to make the straight
3. The villain's stack and mine are about the same so there aren't big implied odds

Simple enough or am I missing something?

I folded, and of course the K came in on the river. I would've won the pot, but I know not to be results oriented.

Also, I had another post that I was getting feedback on and it seems to have vanished. I tried searching by my name, but no luck. Ever have this happen to you? Should I take it as a hint that my post sucked? lol :)


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