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tricky 1-3 turn spot vs "special player"

dabenf9dabenf9 Posts: 4Member
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero profile: Hero has been playing at table for over 6 hours and has tag image. Hero hasnt wont many pots at the table and doesnt have a winning image yet still has a solid image. Hero does have history and a dynamic with villain.

Villain is a recreational foreign player who consideres himself to be 'reg.'villain is very very looose pre almost station. but has very weired preflop tendencies, hel limp a ton and have very varied raise sizings when oppening pre seen him open raise to 30 at 1-3 a couple times one time he had 88? villain massively over plays hands and has very low understanding of hand strengths and how they correlate with different boards.
hand that we played together right before this one happes
Villain limps hj hero opens buttn 15 A :s: 10 sb calls and villain calls from hj.
flop A 3 K checks to hero who cbets 30, sb calls, villain in hjraises to 140, hero the 3bets to 240 from bttn, sb folds, hj jams and hero calls.
runs out 2 :s: ,3 :s: to chop vs A4 of villain
this may look horendous or overplaying but hero had very good grasp and understanding of how villain was playing and why he could do so so in such spots. villain never limp calls aj aq pre. Villain never uses this sizing for value has shoved when thinking ahead or for value everytime. hero was fairly certain that villains range was heavily weighted towards axs which are a2-a9 or flush drws and kxdd combos. hero expected him to jam his axs and flat flop 3bet with flushdrws not couting on folding on brick turns. hero is very comfortable with this type of profile as it is the profile he has most exploited in native country.

Game is calling for missing seats to be replaces as list is running, and we re currently playing 6 handed.

Hero opens 12 from hj with Q 8 only villain calls from bb.(he defends his binds somewhat 75-80probalby even 100 to open raises but dnt wana exaggerate or influence conceptions of villain to extrememly)
FlopPot(25) Flop K 8 3 villain checks to hero who bets 15 villain calls
Turn Pot(55) Q :s: villain checks to hero who bets 40 and villain raises to 220(350or so stack total ) hero jams he calls.

What do you guys think of hand in general vs this profile, and dynamic that was going on between us after previous hand.
Arguments for checking back flop? Arguements for folding turn? Arguements for checking back turn?
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