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2/5 with btn straddle, QQ oop 1k deep

El_JefecitoEl_Jefecito Posts: 119Subscriber, Professional
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hey guys, been awhile, haven't posted in a long time but have been playing a fair amount and traveling a lot this year

Villain on btn ($1500) is pretty loose aggressive player who I have played with a few times, plays 5/10 whenever the game is running, likes to mix it up and play a lot of hands in position, plays a lot of tournaments (tourney fish according to my 5/10 friends)
-villain has chips racked up, I heard him say he was playing his Btn and going home

Ep older guy ($500) don't know a ton about

MP younger lebanese kid ($500) - played with today, showed a check call check call donk bomb river bluff against me with a gutter that missed

Btn straddle hero ($1050) opens to $40 UTG with Q Q :s: UTG1 and MP call Btn thinks for a second and makes a small 3bet to $110' folds to hero?

-what do we think is best option for hero preflop?

-heros thoughts are that Btn can be three betting wide here like a lot of tourney players might do:TT+, AJ+, KQ but I likely think he 3bets AA, KK bigger to thin field and go for value, and him having QQ is unlikely do to our holdings.
Hero hates playing OOP, like most people. Do we like to flat here with players behind or do we elect to 4bet? If we elect to 4 bet what size do you like?

Will get to post flop after some discussion


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