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Bottom Section Live tells

snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Can we start this thread from the Top section?

1. Long Look at Cards

2. Long Staring at Board

3. Immediate Preflop Raise Versus Longer/More Deliberate Pause Before Preflop Raise.

4. Immediate Preflop 3bets/4bets and Immediate Flop Raises/CRs Versus Tank Preflop 3bets/4bets and Tank Flop Raises/CRs

5. Postflop Tank-Checks Versus Postflop Quick-Checks

6. Immediate/Quick Calls

7. Immediately Asking Bet Sizing

8. Immediate Cbets

9. Immediate/Quick Bets Versus Tank Bets

10. Immediate 2x Bets


  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited December 2016
    Some of these can be player dependent like Rec vs Reg.

    1. Preflop is medium strength hand or sooted/gapper thinking of if they have the odds to call.

    2. Missed

    3. OMC will pause to make sure you see that they are raising so you dont call with Ax to crack their KK
    Immediate not the strongest like AA/KK vs Deliberate can be top range or a bluff that is thinking of a bet size

    4. Preflop Immediate- strong just NOT AA/KK vs Tank-raise they are considering a raise with AK/AQ/QQ/JJ or size of AA/KK
    Post flop Immediate-raise is strong but think with nuts/draws
    Tank-raise is thinking of bet size with nuts or if they need to raise with TPTK/2pr+

    5. Tank-check is weak wanting a free card (can be slowplaying).
    Quick-check is missed, TPWK or draw NOT 2pr+ or they consider raising

    6. Quick-calls is a draw/Med hand NOT 3rd pair/floats and NOT 2pr+ b/c they would consider raising or betting bluffs

    7. Ask bet size is a good hand but not strong

    8. Immediate CBets are misses/med strength hands.

    9. Immediate Quick-bets are the top of range/draws vs Tank-bets strong or bluffs that are thinking of bet size

    10. Immediate 2x bets-havent seen an immediate 2x, has to be super nuts. Like they flop quads, slowplayed to river and are
    going to get the chip in and 2x
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    doesn't jared tendler talk about timing tells?
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