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Top top, facing heat. What's my play?

JimPsarosJimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Playing 2/3 $500, 9 handed, solid table. Sydney Australia casino. V is a good player. We respect each other's play.

UTG opens to $15 (std rise size). V calls in mid poz. I call on the button with A :s: J Big blind, bad player with about $300, raises to $35. Initial raiser calls, V calls I call. Pot of $142

Flop J 5 6

Bb checks (which surprises me), as does UTG and V. I bet $85. BB and UTG fold. V makes it $335.

We both started hand with about $650.

What do you make of my play pre, and my flop bet?

And most importantly, What's my play?


  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    AJo doesn't play that great post so I probably prefer a 3! OTB. Just pick up the dead money and move on if you can.

    I also prefer a check OTF. Checking flop OOP with the intention of CR isn't that uncommon so I would be fine seeing a turn and what BB does since we are IP. I'm not looking to build a big pot here I really just want to get to show down. You pretty much turn your hand face up when you bet flop.

    As played fold. It's possible you have the same hand but he's probably trapping with overs or set of J. BB should not be getting out of line very often.
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I think in position with your hand, calling pre is fine. If UTG tends to open light, then a 3 bet is ok. When the blind makes a small 3 bet and it gets called to you, this is a good spot to 4 bet. the small 3 bet feels like a pot builder and you can fold out utg and mp. maybe make it $150.

    As played, I think a flop bet is fine and I'm either shoving or folding to the CR. I think in this case, unless you have some knowledge of this player, I'm shoving. The reason is that he has no reason to expect you to bet and both the PFRs have already checked. If he has a vulnerable hand like a set on a draw heavy board, I expect him to bet out with it a lot. I suppose you could call and if a club comes and he bets, then you fold but you might get bluffed from a straight draw.
  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 274Subscriber, Professional
    Sydney has the WSOP on ATM and I'm hoping to get down for the main. Great poker in Sydney!!

    I personally don't enjoy playing AJo. I either like to raise it or fold and I only call it a small percentage of the time otb.
    Pre flop when the BB reopens with a small 3bet to me that looks very fishy and coming from a bad player I may choose this as a spot to 4 bet especially when the other 2 players just flat I cant see them having really strong hands. So isolating the bad player with position is a good idea. His range could be small pairs, worse Ax and any picture combination.

    When you get check raised on this flop I don't think your in a good spot. I think you could of sized you bet closer to $95-$100 as you would have the best hand most of the time and this is a wet board.
    At this level this bet by the V is saying he wants to get it in so he either has a big combo draw, but I'm leaning more towards a set. It's not a CR for value to get called by worse. It's a big CR because he thinks he has the best hand and possible a big hand and at this level no one wants their sets to lose so they raise big and just want to get it in before a card that kills there hand comes.

    I'm saying just fold your hand maintain your stack and wait for a better spot
    Thanked by 1JimPsaros
  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    edited December 2016
    This sucks. Fold. Hate to do it but that's the best of your 3 options. I would bet like you did, not check with top top.
    Pokertime - the BB folded. V is in MP
    Thanked by 1JimPsaros
  • marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    Preflop, I think calling/over calling 3bet is fine on the B. Depending on UTG, I could also see a fold or 3b. I don't think 4b to iso short stacked bad player in blind is wise. You probably aren't far ahead of his range, if at all, and he'll have tough time folding flop if he calls.

    Flop I think is standard, sizing could be smaller to entice a loose call from blind. But I like yours. As for checkraise from solid V, it's probably a toss up. It looks like a combo draw. I would be shocked if he had a set or two pair here, for same reasons workinghard mentioned. You could call and ship a blank, but again you can't be sure what draw he's on.
    Thanked by 1JimPsaros
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    Jacklamb wrote: »
    This sucks. Fold. Hate to do it but that's the best of your 3 options. I would bet like you did, not check with top top.
    Pokertime - the BB folded. V is in MP

    Thanks. I miss read a lot! Still pretty much the same that CR is strong but it does change the range a little. Seems like V that calls twice PF then CR flop almost has to have a set here unless he just plays AcKc like a wackadoodle. That about the only hand (AcQc?) that we beat that he plays passive PF and then goes with it on the flop.
  • JimPsarosJimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
    Thanks boys, very useful food for thought.

    my views were:
    V put in $35 pre with something. Stacks are deep so he can call with a wider range than normal. I won't try and calculate combinations of hands but possible is:
    56 all suits ( so two pair is possible)
    Set of 5, set of 6.
    Not set of JJ, because i block one and and he might flat JJ for 15 but when it gets raised to 35 he will crank it then for sure.

    Combo draws - with clubs as part of it. Nut draw.

    He also knows I not trying to steal after all 3 check. He can legitimately put me on the same range I've put him on.

    So close .... I tank fold
  • JimPsarosJimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
    OMGitsWorm wrote: »
    Sydney has the WSOP on ATM and I'm hoping to get down for the main. Great poker in Sydney!!

    Come on down mate, I'll beer you a beer or 3!. I'm playing the main event of the Sydney WSOP, so may be we both run deep!
  • JimPsarosJimPsaros Posts: 107Subscriber
    When I fold I flash him the J. He then shows me 6 he told me later that he had a set, but I know poker players lie all the time when asked about hands. Anyway assuming he had a set, I think his raIse was excessive and blew me out of the hand. If he flats or raises to say $210, it's difficult for me to fold on this street, and a blank on a later street gets me closer to pot committed.
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    edited December 2016
    Pre is good. Flop bet is good too, and I like your fold.
    Thanked by 1JimPsaros
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