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I did it again

JCWJCW Posts: 591Subscriber
Effective $750
5/10 NL

Multiway limps x5

v1. Loose pre-flop, tight post. Slightly passive. Little history.

Hero SB 3spade4spade

Flop 5heart 6spade6diamond

MP v1 bets out $40 all fold. Hero calls.

Pot $140

Turn 7heart

Hero checks

V1 bets $90, hero c/R $230, v1 tanks and calls

Pot $600

River Kdiamond

Hero bets $250

v1 goes AI. And I am thinking about how I should fold this for the $250 more, but convince myself he could have Anosuit6nosuit. I call. Does this hand remind anyone of the LATB hand vs. Gman but for smaller stack?


  • LucasELucasE Posts: 167Member
    Not sure about the LATB hand you're referencing, but I have a couple of thoughts.

    Probably folding SB here; it's marginal and can go either way. With the right conditions I'm perfectly happy to play it, though.

    Flop - I like a bet here. We can definitely have any piece of this board and it's going to be hard for anyone else to have much, plus we'll have a ton of good barrel cards.

    As played - I like the line, and the river is gross. Do we think a passive guy is going to shove the river with just a 6x hand? I think he's going to call you almost all of the time and may occasionally overplay A6, but not enough to make this a profitable spot. We could also be losing to every other straight - our hand is toward the bottom of our value range is this is almost a bluff catching spot; I certainly don't think villain is bluffing and don't think he's got enough worse hands to be calling.

    In reality, I'm probably calling in the heat of the moment but I think it is the wrong move.
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Where did Villain limp? If he open-limped UTG, I think we have to discount the chances of him having A6o/Q6s/J6s/T6s/96s. Even loose passive guys don't open-limp those kinds of trashy hands from EP.

    If, on the other hand, he over-limped in LP over 2-3 limpers, then he could have all sorts of 6x hands with big kickers.

    I think a sigh-call here is usually neutral EV, but I would be inclined to make a hero fold if Villain open-limped UTG because I think his shoving range would be 12+ combos of boats/quads and just 2 combos of A6s that we beat.

    If he is a reg, I would make a neutral EV call just so we get to see his hand and remember that info for future reference.
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