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Bad Bet when Flush Card Comes?

ZachWaldmanZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
edited November 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game was nitty and then became LAG

Hero - Tight image, $800 - HJ Q Q
UTG limps, Hero raises to $40 (big raises were often being called by 4 and 5 people), SB and UTG call
Flop ($120) - Q J 9
SB bets $60
UTG Folds
Hero raises to $180 and SB calls
Turn ($480) - 4
Hero goes all in, Villain folds

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I actually made my all-in bet before seeing that the flush card came. My number one leak is not taking enough time. I'm working hard to correct this. I'm amazingly patient and tilt-free. I can wait for hours and hours if needed. However, when it's my turn to act, I think I feel pressure to do so quickly.

To make matters worse, I played another hand later in the night and didn't notice the flush card again! The crazy thing is that I've never been more focused at the table as I have been since joining here. I watch every hand and what every player is doing, whether I'm in the hand or not. Still, I missed that the friggin' flush card came before going all in, and I did it twice! Luckily, I won both pots. Anyway, that's just a side note on how I'm retarded.


  • rinkers2003rinkers2003 Posts: 85Member
    Yea its a bad bet because usually you are in a way ahead/way behind situation and can't really get called by worse here. Maybe some fish with the A and a pair or gutshot give a crying call. Otherwise you are just folding out worse hands and getting better to call.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    Sizing is bad. Looks like you over bet the pot by about $200. That's an overplay.

    This is definitely a spot to bet though. I like a 3/4 pot sizing here. If I'm doing my math right, that's about half the remaining stacks.

    You can't check this back. V's bet/call range on teh flop is pretty heavy with draws that would love to see a free card. Yes, it's tough to get paid by worse, but there is value here in the form of equity protection. V's bet/call flop and check turn line reeks of a hand like JT, or T9 that is not putting in another cent unless it improves. Shut that shit down. It's also possible he has a strong but vulnerable hands like a set or two pair that's not folding, but would like the cheapest showdown possible. Make him pay.

    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I'd suggest not posting villain's response in your initial postings since it can affect how people respond. We all like to think we are not results oriented but who are we kidding?

    As played, i think betting is fine. You don't want to give him a free shot if he has a random club in his hand. On the turn, the stack sizes are at $580, right? I think if you bet $250 and then if he calls and a 4th club comes out, you can fold if he goes all in. You're targetting a lot top pair and pair +T or pair +club hands. However, what you want to avoid is leaving so little behind that your opponent "forces" you to make a calling mistake on the river. for example, if on the turn you bet $500 and he calls leaving $80 behind. a 4th club comes out, he bets $80 into $1480 and you "have to" call though he's never betting without a club.

    As far as feeling rushed, it happens. Take a deep breath and give it time.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • ZachWaldmanZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    Thanks! How do I use the spoiler feature on here?
  • DKHustleDKHustle Posts: 13Subscriber
    I think it's an over play. What were you hoping to get value from? The boards pretty wet and you bet $580 into a $480 pot. You're really causing your opponents to fold any hands that are worse than yours and to only call with better. You should have bet like $250 - $300. That's a big bet for a $5/$5 game, but you still may get many worse hands to call. Make him pay for chasing his draw or holding on with a worse hand. There are a lot of cards that can come on the river that could completely kill the action or make you be forced to make a tough decision. Any , K, 10, or 8 would be tough, depending what your read on him was.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
  • DSPoticDSPotic Posts: 28Subscriber
    Do yourself and the world a favor and stop using the word “retard.”
  • ZachWaldmanZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    Sorry if you think it's politically incorrect, but retard is a real word with real meaning, not slang.

    1. delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.
    "his progress was retarded by his limp"

  • DSPoticDSPotic Posts: 28Subscriber
    Oh in that case I apologize. You just meant "my poker skills have been delayed." You didn't mean to compare yourself to someone with Downs Syndrome or another mental disability.
    Thanked by 1ZachWaldman
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