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3b sizing with top set vs classic bart flop min raise

PokerIsFrustratingPokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
2/5 1000 max nl

Villain (800) bad rec player. Bought in for 300, got stacked, rebought for 300 and doubled up plus a little. Calls pretty wide preflop, but not so bad that he plays arc to a raise. Definitely does not like to fold post though. Haven't really seen him with a deep stack, but with his 300 he was treating top pair like the nuts. I think he stacked up because another bluffy fish kept trying to barrel air and he kept picking the guy off with obit strong one pair-ish hands. Haven't really seen him make a min raise like this before.

Quick note, he just got a seat locked up on another game and started to rack up. This may be his last hand for what its worth.

Hero (1200) up and down this session. I got stacks in vs one guy at the table (not villain) and won 2 of 3, but showed down good hands every time. On a decent run of cards so I raised somewhat frequently pre, but not like crazy aggro.

Hero (utg) Jd Jc raises 20
Villain calls on the button
Bb calls

Flop Jh 8d 3d
Bb checks, hero bets 40, viIlain raises to 90, bb folds, hero raises to ?

I know we always talk about min raises on wet boards being like a top pair hand trying to "see where he's at." In that case I could make a small reraise and try to get value later in the hand.

In this case I block top pair and villain is bad. If he is somehow min raising a hand like 2 pair (which I also block), a set, a weirdly flatter overpaid or some kind of big combo draw I thought it would be a disaster not to get as much money in now as possible before some kind of scare card kills my action.

On the other hand he basically announced he's going to leave, the raise seems weak, and he is somewhat stationy so if I make a small raise maybe I get max value from a weak jack or like pocket tens that he just can't fold.

Is this a spot to make a small reraise or do i just bomb it and hope he gets stubborn or has a hand that pays me off?

If I had 88 here would that change things given that there would be full combos of top pair? I'm also wondering how I would play aces given this action. Would I still bet/3b? Aces are basically the same as 33 on this board.


  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I would raise bigger cause I'm OOP here.
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    i like a 3b to $240. it gives him a chance to spazz and maybe think he has fold equity. you also might get a call from TT or 99, and of course there is still 1 jack left out there. one thing a small-ish raise does is enable you to pick up a read in how he reacts. if he snap calls the raise, trying to look strong, a weak player will be weighted towards a draw. if he tanks and calls, he is more likely to hold a show down-ish hand like a pocket pair, A8, or the case Jack. [this is for a weak player who is not likely to throw you a reverse tell].

    and there's always the off chance he'll go nuts with a hand he slow played like KK/AA/QQ, or AJ.

    obv you give draws a good price to continue, but you can bet/fold vs. a station if the draws hit.

    (lemme know if this makes sense, or if the cold medicine has taken over...)
  • PokerIsFrustratingPokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Thanks for the comments.

    I actually made it $250 and he kinda quickly folded and said "well, I guess it's not worth it for my last hand" or something like that.

    I still thought it was good to bump it up decently big just in case he wanted to have a hand he'd go with.

    I'm just thinking if my hand would change any if I had AA or middle set. There would be more top pair hands in his range. Anyway thanks again.
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