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Does your feeling of opponents perception of yourself influence your game?

workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
I see posts a lot that start out with something like "villain sees hero as a capable TAG who has been card dead but respects his game and knows he can mix it up." and I gotta wonder, "really?"

I always wonder about these kind of statements. I'm not really sure how most players view me from day to day. too many factors may influence their in the moment perception. are they winning, loosing, new to the table, paying more attention to other players, watching something on their phone, ordering food, etc, etc. there are some players, yes, that i feel in the moment fear me or want to gamble with me or want to make a play on me or are ready to stack off etc but I'm not setting up an elaborate fancy play with all my chips based on what I think their perception of me is. it might influence my decisions in the moment under limited circumstances but it's going to be more the difference between how much I value bet the river or if i make a C-bet when an Ace hits the turn. It's not a matter of pulling some crazy Viffer move where I'm suddenly going to bluff my 200 BB stack off because I'm counting on my opponent caring that I haven't played a hand for the last hour so therefore he MUST fold top pair because he respects my play so much.
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  • MikeGMikeG Posts: 989Subscriber
    edited October 2016
    It's not necessarily about manufacturing some huge play. It's just added information that can make any given play slightly better or slightly worse. In every hand, we have a lot of information at our disposal from our position, relative position, cards, likely range, villain's likely range, villain's long term characteristics, villain's short term tendencies, villain's long term view of us, villain's short term view of us, table dynamics, etc. We never just pick one of those tidbits and orchestrate whole plays around it. We take them all into consideration and come up with the best play given the situation.
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  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I think it's hard for people not to keep ego out of it and quite frankly we can all over analyze situations. In general I agree that we give V too much credit for paying attention and forming a complex read on us that they are then making adjustments to. I just don't think it's happening that much. It's usually much more about their hand and how they normally play. Part of what we can exploit in rec players is that they don't adjust and they generally play passive poker except when they go nuts with an overplay. It also can cause issues for us if we try to react to a situation that isn't even happening and we just invented in our head.

    This is the whole GTO/out dated material thread. There isn't some huge leveling war going on among most players because we are all so sophisticated and up to date with the most advance current GTO play. Live poker is still being played for fun and recreation by a ton of people that have only seen it on TV and have never even read a poker book. Yes some have been playing a long time and know more but they are still playing for a hobby and have day jobs and families so poker is not all they think about. You need to figure that person out and profit not obsess over GTO. Save that for online and maybe high level live tournaments when someone good is at your table.
  • ohsnapzbrahohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    I think some players are paying attentuon and some aren't. The ones that are are usually the villains in most of these hands posted, because we know how to play against fish.

    Over the weekend on friday, I had a splashy player tell someone I was knitting my grandma sweater. Which tells me something and how I should adjust my game for that day towards that player.

    That same weekend on Sunday, a reg made a comment to me that I'm raising a lot more preflop than I usually do. Both instances should influence how we play against that player, because that's exactly how they're viewing us at the time. If we continue playing the way they view us, all of a sudden they start making correct adjustments against us. It's useful to a point against some competition.
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  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    If i'm going to start letting other people's perceptions of me start influencing my actions, then I'll usually demand some proof.

    If you are playing loose-aggresive, and its' working, and suddenly your three-barrel gets called down some medium to weak hand, then it's safe to say that your villain has adjusted to your image.

    If you're playing tight and running good and start to see loose-ish players change their limp/call lines into limp/fold lines, then you should probably start taking more liberties
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