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$235 Rio Deepstack AKs

STL_BobSTL_Bob Posts: 26Subscriber
Level 3 Rio Deepstack

Table is the best draw I've had in wsop related tournament so far. My image is probably the loosest at the table, just busted from #6B millionaire maker along with a host of others. Enjoying my second beer at this point. UTG+2 has been entering pots raising 2.5-3x, giving up on flop a few times. CO has shown some hands with top pair marginal kicker. He is not a tight player in these early levels.

Level 3. Blinds 100-200

Hero (SB): 12,000
Villain 1 (UTG+2):15,000
Villain 2 (CO): 13,000

UTG+2 raises 475
CO makes it 1175
Hero (AsKs) calls
UTG+2 calls

Flop (3725): 2s 4s Jh
Hero (SB): checks
UTG+1: checks
CO: bets 1650
Hero (SB): raises to 4500
UTG+1: folds
CO: deliberates then calls 4500

Turn (12,725): 5s
Hero (SB): Is all in for 6500
CO: Calls after about 2mins for 6500

I felt like villain has an overpair, AK, AQ given action preflop. I was considering a call on the flop but chose to take the high variance line. The turn card gives outs with one card to come.

I'm curious to know how others play this hand preflop and on the flop at this early point in the tourney.
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